About Us

The association of independent pathology providers (AIPP) represents innovative research-based diagnostic testing companies providing an exciting new era of services to NHS and private clients.

75% of all diagnosis requires a pathology test. Over the next decade, a growing and ageing population will fuel a 10% demand for blood and tissue testing. Increasingly, independent providers of pathology services are promoting the enhanced quality of service and delivering the investment to drive change in the diagnosis of disease.

These services are typically provided either in partnership with the NHS or from independent laboratories.

All members of AIPP are committed to offering a high quality service for patients and physicians alike.


As the trade association for the independent pathology providers in the UK, we work at the heart of policy development and decision-making to ensure that patients are able to benefit from the latest and most advanced pathology tests and most efficient processes. Our members include the main providers of pathology testing in the UK.

Our focus is to provide an industry-wide response to and input on particular topics such as:

  • Quality and standards
  • Innovation in pathology – introduction of new tests and equipment
  • Best practices and training

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